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Integrity Whistleblowing

Integrity Whistleblowing Policy


CMOC is committed to the vision of growing into a most respected, modern, and world-class resources company. While adhering to the corporate governance standards of "integrity, law-abiding, compliance, and transparency", we welcome employees and external sources to report fraud, corruption, and any other irregularities identified in the business activities by all employees of the Group and its subsidiaries to support the sustainable development of the company and maintain a corporate culture of integrity.

Independence of investigation:

The Anti-Corruption Department of CMOC is an independent supervision organization reports directly to the Board of Directors and is vested with the responsibility of investigation into fraud and corruption cases of the company. Being accountable to theshareholders, the Board of Directors, and whistleblowers, the Department exercises its duties as relate to anti-fraud and anti-corruption independently and objectively.


It is of utmost importance for us to keep the identification of the whistleblowers strictly confidential. We will not allow tracing of identification of the whistleblower nor retaliation against the whistleblower by any business unit under investigation or any person reported and will take measures as it happens.

Fact-based reporting:

The whistleblowers must report only facts. We encourage real-name reporting, which will be given priority and be responded with progress of processing in a timely manner.

If any whistleblower prefers to remain anonymous, it is also acceptable if at least one form of contact would be available in case of any need to follow up.


Once real-name reports by employees or external sources are verified, rewards or preferential opportunities will be given to the whistleblowers while ensuring that they remain confidential and protected.

Ways of reporting:

You may contact the Anti-Corruption Department of CMOC via:
Email: 5198@cmoc.com
Tel: 0086-10-400-027-0369
Mailing address: 8F, building 2, No.18, Gongping Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200082, China
Website: https://en.cmoc.com/html/AboutUs/Whistleblowing/
WeChat: Official account @ WeChat ID: lmjjbpt

Whistleblowing types: Embezzlement Taking bribes Internal and external collusion Abuse of power or dereliction of duty Conflict of interest Fraud Off-book accounts Divulge company secrets Damage to the reputation of the company Commercial bribery Any other violations
Name of the reported violator
Company of the reported violator
Department of the reported violator
Details and processes
Evidence or other notes
(please upload any document or material related to witness, evidence, soft copies of evidence, or any other evidence or notes)
Whistleblower name
Contact Information
This will be kept confidential so please leave at least one form of contact so that we could reach out as necessary for investigation purpose