About us

Corporate culture

  • We reject mediocrity; thus, we pursue excellence. We appreciate change; thus, we embrace competition. We have a keen sense of crisis and the drive to innovate, and we dare refute ourselves and transcend our limits.
  • We are steadfast in our mission, and with clarity of purpose and thought, we stay the course and take charge. We strive with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we speak with results.
  • We give the mandate to share, we respect and accommodate, and we hire by merit. We believe that only growth can bring value to the organisation.
  • Competing effectively in the mining industry requires natural resource and cost advantages. But finding natural resources is a matter of chance than choice, and having a cost advantage is about competent management. We must therefore instil cost consciousness and make every cent count.
  • Cost advantages are derived from technological innovation, management optimisation, and effective supervision mechanisms. We are receptive and responsive, and we measure ourselves against the best companies in the sector, try to do better and become the industry pacesetter.
  • Focusing on professional strength is key. Staying focused and leveraging our area of specialisation is the only way to establish influence and appreciate the workings of cost control.
Continuous improvement
  • We must maintain the ability to self-examine, to defy convention, and to constantly adopt best practices, no matter who or where from.
  • Good goals are never easy to achieve, but they push an entity to excel and reward individuals with a sense of accomplishment.
  • We must be able to adapt, self-critique, and keep an open mind.
  • We are willing to share our outcomes with everyone, outcomes that are created with our proprietary efforts, that add value, and that embody the values of equity and equality.
  • Our sharing of outcomes hinges on sustainable development, and sustainability is determined by our successfully entrenching meritocracy, strengthening cost control and achieving continued improvement.
  • We do not only share material benefits; we also strive to help our people reach their personal goals and actualise their professional self-worth.
  • We will continue to share our development outcomes with the world at large.