About us

CMOC overview

CMOC Group Limited (“CMOC” or the “Company”) was founded in 1969 and has since completed two respective mixed ownership reforms in 2004 and 2014. CMOC now is a joint stock company with a private company as its controlling shareholder. It was listed on Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEX: 03993) in 2007 and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 603993) in 2012. 

The Company engages in the non-ferrous metal industry, mainly the mining and processing business, which includes mining, beneficiation, smelting and refining of base and rare metals, and mineral trading business. With its main business located over four continents: Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, the Company is the world’s leading producer of tungsten, cobalt, niobium and molybdenum and a major copper producer. It is also a leading producer of phosphate fertilizer in Brazil. In terms of trading business, the Company is among the top three base metal traders in the world. The Company ranks 1,046 among the top 2,000 global listed companies by Forbes 2021 and 15 among top 40 global mining companies (by market value) in 2021.

The Company’s vision is to become a “highly respected, modern and world-class resource company”. In the context of global strategy of carbon neutrality, the Company has formulated a “three-step” development path, of which the first step is to “lay a foundation of low cost and high efficiency” that focuses on system and team building via organization upgrade and a corporate management system that covers global operations. The second step is to “ramp up with multiplying production capacity” as the two world-class projects, TFM mixed ore project and KFM project, complete construction and start production. This step aims at a modern and effective corporate governance structure with clear division of responsibilities and a stronger team that is tested through involvement in world-class projects that are launched to expand our production capacity. The third step is to achieve “stellar growth” towards a world-class company and our vision when new milestones are achieved in business size and cash flows, when teams and project pipelines are more robust, and when we are ready to seek greater growth around our strategic goals in key regions and key products.