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Putting people first: KFM conducts human rights due diligence

2024-07-01 16:44:53

In the era of globalization, respecting and protecting human rights has become an important part of corporate social responsibility. In order to further promote human rights and create a harmonious and fair working environment, KFM invited international human rights experts to conduct a human rights due diligence assessment on site.

During the assessment, the experts conducted interviews and exchanges with various departments and stakeholders, covering human rights related topics in security, labor rights, protection of vulnerable groups, grievance system and other human rights issues, as well as compliance with UNGPs and VPSHR. After field visits and interviews, the experts highly recognized KFM's efforts in human rights management and put forward suggestions, which laid a solid foundation for KFM's future work.

Since the start of the project, KFM has always regarded human rights management as an indispensable part of the company's development. KFM will always be people-oriented, continuously improve the level of human rights management, and ensure that the company creates a more harmonious and fair workplace.