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Ouvidor Phosphates Operation launches 5S+ project for process improvement and standardization

2024-06-26 16:45:06

In early May, Ouvidor Phosphates held the launch event for its 5S+ Project, which brought together the Production teams from the Wet Concentrate Plants, as well as Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance. The project aims to implement the 5S+ methodology in the unit's activities, establishing standards with a focus on transforming behavior and enhancing productivity and resource optimization.

5S+ is a constructive and educational methodology based on five Japanese principles represented by the letter S: sorting (seiri), setting in order (seiton), shining (seiso), standardizing (seiketsu), and sustaining (shitsuke). The "+" in 5S+ signifies an expansion beyond these five principles.

Vanessa Mendes, the Beneficiation Coordinator and project creator, explains, "Our goal is to improve the workplace by standardizing processes, increasing efficiency, boosting employee satisfaction, and enhancing company productivity. The program helps foster a culture of discipline, enabling us to identify problems and generate improvement opportunities."

Raissa Alves, an Administrative Assistant, adds, "This project aims to renew our operational culture. An organized environment not only enhances productivity and standardization but also fosters harmonious coexistence and clear communication among team members. I see great potential in this initiative, as all areas are interconnected and everyone's work is interdependent."