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Tenke electrification project financed by TFM extends access to electricity

2023-11-26 18:01:44

Access to electrical energy is at the heart of all sustainable development. TFM has launched the Tenke electrification project, one of the community's major concerns. Work is progressing apace, with over 70% of the project already completed. TFM is carrying out this project through the Community Social Fund. 

The project involves the construction of an electrical substation, the installation and connection of the required equipment and commissioning. In addition, a 10 MVA transformer will be installed, and poles will be placed over a distance of 13 km for the medium-voltage lines in the towns of Tenke, New Kyamba, Joli Site, New Mitumba and New Kwatebala. To connect the city of Tenke, it is planned to install a 500 KVA transformer, four visible sectioning boxes (BSA), low-voltage poles and 100 public lighting poles.

"The new transformers have a capacity that will provide the Tenke housing estate with a quality electrical current without load shedding and cover future needs due to the estate's rapid expansion," explained Moïse Kabila, construction supervisor of the Community Social Fund. "This acquisition will attract SMEs from all sectors to the city of Tenke, boosting the local economy. It will also have a positive impact on youth unemployment," he added. 

Installation of cables on electricity poles on national road No. 39 to the Tenke.

"We are convinced that TFM is there for the well-being of the community. We have an unstable current. We rely on dynamos, generators and panels to supply us with electricity. With this project, future days in Tenke will be rosy," said a Tenke resident visiting the substation.

"There are many advantages to this project, not least the circulation of money due to the emergence of activities in various economic sectors," said a shopkeeper from Tenke.
The commune of Fungurume had also benefited from an electrification project involving the renovation of its electrical substation, the upgrading of the municipal electricity network and the installation of public lighting, representing an investment of almost 7.5 million USD.

We are in congo, for congo. The sustainability of local communities is tied to the sustainability of TFM itself.

The Tenke electrification project aims to boost the socio-economic development of the town and its surrounding area and of the concession in general. To guarantee its sustainability, TFM is aiming for community empowerment and ownership.