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Delivery of the primary school of Mayeba village built by KFM

2022-10-13 18:09:55

On the morning of 26th May, a ceremony was held to celebrate the delivery of the primary school of Mayeba village built by KFM. The brand-new campus and the well-equipped facilities were the best "Children's Day" gift for the local children. More than 350 students and teachers from the school and all the villagers witnessed this moment together. The villagers were singing and dancing to express their joy and gratitude.

In the past, the Mayeba village school had only three 80 m2 classrooms built of soil, no office space for teachers. Its 350 students in six grades had to take turns to attend classes. Whenever the KFM staff passed by the school, the children would look at us with curiosity and expectation.

KFM is very proud to have invested more than US$230,000 to expand the Mayeba school, building three new classrooms and two teachers' offices, and renovating the old classrooms. The company also donated nearly US$8,000 worth of cultural and sports items to the school.