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CMOC selected into CSI 300 ESG Index and CSI 300 ESG Leaders Index

2020-04-11 18:57:58

CSI announced the upcoming launch of CSI 300 ESG Index, CSI 300 ESG Leaders Index, CSI 300 ESG Value Index, CSI ESG 120 Strategy Index and CSI Huaxia Bank ESG Index on April 30, 2020. CMOC has gained recognition of domestic and overseas capital markets thanks to its long-term practices and emphasis on sustainable development, social responsibility and corporate governance, and has been selected as a constituent of the CSI 300 ESG Index and CSI 300 ESG Leaders Index.

CSI 300 ESG Leaders Index is designed to cover 100 stocks with highest ESG scores within CSI 300 Index universe, so as to reflect the comprehensive performance of stocks with the best ESG scores. This time, only eight mining companies, including CMOC and Zijin Mining, have been selected. 

CSI 300 ESG Index is designed to cover stocks with ESG scores above 80% industry peers within CSI 300 Index universe. The index aims to provide benchmark or underlying index for ESG investing.

ESG is the abbreviation for Environment, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. An investment strategy that takes ESG as a consideration factor is called "Responsible Investment". Quality companies can be screened out through ESG. Such companies usually have good credibility and more potential for sustainable development. With a BBB score in the MSCI ESG ratings, CMOC is currently a leader among its industry peers.