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Unifying efforts of overseas teams, CMOC donates more than 2 million RMB medical supplies

2020-02-19 16:32:00

After a long-distance transport taking more than 20 days, on February 19th, the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies from Brasil finally arrived and were successfully handed over to Luoyang City. These supplies worth more than RMB 2 million were donated by CMOC to Luoyang Central Hospital and to Luanchuan County.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, CMOC has taken immediate actions and mobilized overseas teams to purchase medical emergency supplies. This batch of donation includes 70,000 N95 medical masks, 11,000 sets of medical protective clothing, 20,000 medical masks, 20,000 pairs of medical gloves, and 1,000 goggles.

Mrs. Wang Zhengyan, Chairwoman of Group’s labor union, said: “After the outbreak of the epidemic, CMOC actively mobilized its overseas subsidiary companies in Brazil and Europe for emergency supplies sourcing through various channels, and quickly completed the transport and donation of the materials. The first donation of anti-epidemic supplies has just arrived in Luoyang. The subsequent supplies will continue to arrive from abroad and be provided to the front-line medical staff. This is one of the concrete actions through which CMOC fulfills its corporate social responsibility.”