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CMOC Taking Actions to Fight the Epidemic

2020-02-10 19:01:08

In response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). At this moment while the whole country is fighting against the epidemic, CMOC has taken immediate actions to ensure employees' health and safety and a stable production of each business unit. Having fully considered various strategic and operational risks, CMOC has quickly established a steering team for epidemic prevention and control, convened multiple conference calls, and worked with each business unit and departments to actively manage challenges.

At the Group level,
(1) The Group Headquarters established a prevention and control mechanism led by a steering team, with Mr. Steele Li, the Chairman of CMOC, as the team leader. The team has clarified responsibilities and established an emergency liaison group for epidemic prevention and control;
(2) Each business unit should report the epidemic situation to the Headquarters and strengthen information communication with the Group;
(3) The Group issued emergency notices on travel control in epidemic-affected areas, suspending all domestic and international business trips;
(4) The Group has enhanced communication on public awareness of the epidemic, in order to build confidence of each employee to overcome the epidemic and ensure production.
(5) Information sharing. All personnel should share useful information on prevention and control measures in a timely manner, so that the steering team could make informed decisions.

At the department and business unit level,
(1)Emergency liaison group enhances information gathering
Following the Group’s instruction, the emergency liaison group is gathering information of all CMOC Headquarters employees in Beijing and Shanghai, and those of Cathay Fortune Group, Sino-French Life Insurance Co., Ltd, and IXM (China) ; taking surveys and statistics of personnel of “ four categories ” (those who have travelled, those who have recently transited or stayed in Hubei, those who have recently contacted with people from Hubei, and those who have received family members and friends returning from Hubei);
(2)Each mining site communicates closely with the Group about the prevention and control situation
Tenke Fungurume Mining (TFM) communicates closely with the Group about the prevention and control situation. At present, the entire living and operational areas are in lockdown, non-authorized access is prohibited and subject to investigaion. Employees are required to temporarily suspend personal contact with other Chinese enterprises in DRC. Suppliers are also required to comply with TFM’s prevention and control requirements.
IXM’s management cancelled all bookings and planned flights to China, following the Group’s instruction and local Chinese government directives.
Beijing and Shanghai management collects the information of every local employee and so far, none of our employees has been infected. The management will continue this practice every week.
Group’s epidemic prevention and control steering team has sent an emergency notice, appointed emergency contact persons of each operating unit globally, and fully implemented the suspension of all departures of Chinese expatriates to and from China, emphasizing a mandatory requirement that all travels to and from China must be approved by the Headquarters.
(3)Overseas teams responding proactively to purchase emergency supplies for  domestic needs
In order to deal with the shortage of materials such as masks in China, CMOC Brasil, Northparkes Mine in Australia, IXM Geneva Headquarters and its South American team, the Phoenix office, the London office and Hongkong office actively responded, carrying out material procurement locally to provide support to China site and Headquarters.
(4)Pay attention to government notice and schedule return to work

The epidemic prevention and control is a huge responsibility. CMOC strictly implements the decisions and instructions of the China government of all levels. With a firm determination in this fight against the epidemic, we will draw on the various experience in major public health events, and take multiple measures of prevention and virus control.