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CMOC established the Sustainability Executive Committee

2019-10-21 11:24:33

Following the creation of the Strategic and Sustainability Committee of the Board in 2018, in order to better implement the strategic objectives of the Board and of the Strategic and Sustainability Committee of the Board, to improve the company’s sustainable development (SD) management framework and ESG reporting system, to strengthen the SD from the executive level so as to reinforce its guidance in business operations, and to achieve the integration and upgrading of global business in this area, the company has established the Sustainability Executive Committee in September 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "the Executive Committee").

The Executive Committee is responsible to the Strategic and Sustainability Committee of the Board, and directly reports its work to Mr. Rubin Yue, Secretary of the Board. Julie Liang, Deputy Director of the Board Office, serves as the Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the professionals appointed by eight functional departments of the company are members. This Executive Committee will take charge of the examination, implementation and supervision of the company’s SD strategies.

On September 26, 2019, Mr. Rubin Yue presided over the first meeting of the Executive Committee. Mr. Steele Li, Chairman of the Board delivered an important speech on hehalf of the Board and of the Strategic and Sustainability Committee of the Board. In his sppech, he put forward many specific goals and requirements for the work of the Executive Committee. 

At the meeting, Mr. Rubin Yue introduced the main duties of the Executive Committee: formulating and issuing company-level key policies on SD, including but not limited to: environment, safety, community, anti-corruption, humain rights, labor force, supply chain and others; reviewing and supervising the formulation and implementation of SD policies in various business units; identifying and managing company-level SD risks; assessing and providing guidance for major strategic capital and business development projects, etc.