Sustainable development


In 2019, CMOC had 11,183 employees at our business units and management offices. In our labor relations CMOC aims to comply with the requirements of ILO Conventions and local labor laws and regulations, and establishes fair employment mechanisms. We value communication with, the participation of, and feedback from our employees.

In accordance with CMOC’s core values and Human Rights Policy, we respect the rights of all employees, and strive to provide an environment that ensures fair treatment and good working conditions. Employees have access to internal grievance mechanisms through which they can report and resolve any workplace complaints or concerns.

In keeping with the principle of equal employment, CMOC recruits and hires professionals through various means such as open recruitment and competitive employment and provides diversified and equal career development opportunities for employees. As stated in the Code of Business Conduct, Human Rights Policy of the group and procedures at our operating sites, we do not allow any employment discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age or other factors. We also adhere to the principle of fair employment and make employment decisions based on valid job requirements, including compensation, training and promotion. CMOC has a career development system that provides opportunities for internal training, posting to other CMOC sites and incentive-based development programs.