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The Strength of Women in Mining

2020-12-29 14:05:45

Mining, a traditionally male-dominated industry, is seeing more and more women presence. CMOC Brasil counts on 221 women in their workforce. They are experienced professionals who perform a wide variety of tasks. They pay attention to details, results and innovation, they integrate the "DNA" of our culture into their personal development, translating the company's overall goals into personal goals.

How does CMOC unite the strengths of women and let them use their sensibility, meticulousness, concentration and creativity to achieve personal and corporate development? Let us hear the voices of some talents in different positions.

“Us, women, we are a minority, but we are strong, flexible, decisive, with unique skills and competences. The differential we bring for the mining industry, and I also believe that it is valid for any other area or segment, is the spark in the eyes. And we can make a difference by adding our values to the values of the company”

—— Juliana Telles Rica Domingos, Operations Manager of the Phosphates Catalão

 “CMOC has always been a reference company to work for. And I am very proud to say that I am the first in my family to work in the mining industry.  It is in this sector and company, that I see myself in a few years. An accomplished, successful and independent woman. How will I make it? I am curious, I like to learn and I am always open to new knowledge. With hard work and dedication, I wish to stay on this journey".

—— Indianara Mikaele da Costa, Process Technician of the Niobium Metallurgical Laboratory

"The greatest challenge is to face adversity. In the Logistics area, ‘optimizing’ and ‘improving’ are daily processes. I am inserted in a scenario that constantly changes. Adversities such as rain, movement and transportation interfere with our work. Therefore, the differential of those who work in this area is to know how to overcome obstacles and understand that the hardships are daily. We have to understand the process as a whole. The fact of being in a room does not prevent me from having to go into the field or find out how other processes are before and after passing through my area.  Although Logistics is a support area, I believe I am part of one of the arteries of the heart of the company, because we oxygenate our work for all the parts.”. 

—— Ludimila Alves da Costa, Logistics Assistant of Phosphates Catalão

When I say that my work is heavy, only those who do not know me can think it is an overstatement. My acquaintances know that I am a warrior, and that motivates me. My greatest incentive is my daughter. All I do is to provide her with good education and quality of life. If you get tired, learn to rest and not to give up. There is no lack of faith or determination here”.

—— Anna Aurélia Almeida e Silva Borba, Production Operator in Tailings