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Exclusive program for pregnant women helps reconciling of maternity and professional life

2020-05-11 13:09:23

With 70 participants, the CMOC Brasil´s Pregnant Women Program,launched by CMOC’s Brasilian operating site - CMOC Brasil  improves the ambiance and productivity.

Taking care of the pregnant woman is one of the benefits that companies committed to the safety and well-being of their workforce must put into practice. One such example is the already consolidated Pregnant Women Program developed at CMOC Brasil. After one year and a half of its implementation, the initiative reaches this Mother's Day (May 10) counting 70 benefited women (14 employees and 56 dependents).

The program follows a special protocol, in which future mothers report, monthly, how they are feeling, and the CMOC Brasil Health team records all phases of pregnancy, approaching and paying attention to the participants. More than 600 consultations (face-to-face to employees and telephone to dependents) have already been carried out by the operations Health teams at the company located in Catalão and Ouvidor (GO), and Cubatão (SP).

After childbirth, CMOC Brasil offers a telephone guidance service, which helps mothers cope with their daily routine. It is a communication channel to answer questions, assist in scheduling vaccines and consultations. Among the gifts offered by the company is a personalized kit (with thermal bag, changer and hygiene products).

The Pregnant Women Program is maintained during the coronavirus pandemic, with online and telephone monitoring. "One of our values is 'safety always'. Our intention is that we can get closer to families and reinforce our way of caring for people, with care and attention ”, concludes the Human Resources coordinator.