Sustainable development

CMOC encourages employees to develop innovative projects

2019-08-28 14:36:00

The mining company saw in employee engagement the path to obtain improvements in the recovery and processing of niobium and phosphates.

Our implemented philosophy is "Inova CMOC", which stimulates the generation of novelties to reduce expenses, elevate productivity, efficiency and enhance the product quality. The best proposals receive a cash prize.

Another opportunity embraced by the workforce is the incentive for innovation and professional training projects promoted by the Research and Development (R&D) area of CMOC. Employees have all the necessary support to produce mining process analysis and studies in Ouvidor, in the in the southeast of Goias. The objective is to improve and optimize extraction, retention and reuse techniques of niobium and phosphates.

The result of this research incentive allows several employees to develop postgraduate, master´s and doctoral theses, adding knowledge, experience and even recognition in specialized journals. Control and Improvement of Copebras, Michelle Teixeira says: "In 12 years of my career, I found at CMOC the first opportunity to combine work, research and studies. When we participate in this type of project, we become noticed in the company and become references. It is good for us, who add to our professional experience, and for the company, which follows even more up-to-date”, says Michelle.

In the last year, CMOC had 27 innovation projects developed by its R&D area, being 25 about niobium and 2 related to phosphates.