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CMOC's Labor Union organizes employee engagement event to inspire teamwork and sense of gratitude and responsibility

2019-05-18 09:10:00


On May 11, the Labor Union of CMOC organized an employee engagement event themed on “Teamwork, Sense of Gratitude and Responsibility, and Win-win Cooperation” at Mount Laojun, which was attended by over 60 employees. The goal was to strengthen employees’ willpower,execution capability and creative thinking, build a passionate and cohesive team willing to embrace challenges, create a harmonious and vigorous corporate culture, and realize CMOC’s vision and strategic goals through concerted effort.

Focused on team spirit, a series of activities including Ice Breaker, Team Building, The Da Vinci Code, Beyond Dreams, and Crossing the Valley of Dreams were held to help participants discover the unique charm of an employee engagement event.

The event provided employees with more opportunities to communicate with each other. The participants said that they benefited a lot from the event and would go hand in hand and surpass themselves  at the workplace just as they did during the event. They would create unlimited value with limited years of youth and contribute their wisdom and strength to transforming CMOC into a respected international resources company.